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Eskom implements Stage 3 load shedding

Eskom has announced it will implement stage 3 load shedding from 08:00 until 23:00 on Tuesday. The power utility resumed with load shedding for the first time in 2019 on Sunday. The rotational power cuts continued on Monday, when stage 4 load shedding ...

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Eskom: Everything you need to know about load shedding as SA enters ...

Around lunchtime on Monday Eskom for the first time in its history implemented stage 4 load shedding, causing South Africans to scramble to consult load shedding schedules to find out how long the power would be off. There had been no rotational power ...

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Here's the #Loadshedding schedule for every suburb in eThekwini

And if you are scheduled on a lower stage and a higher stage is declared, your current time slot will not change. Example: If you're scheduled for Stage 2 load shedding from 4 pm to 6.30 pm but Stage 4 is declared at 5 pm, your current slot will be ...

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Load-shedding's impact on business

... their load-shedding schedules and brace themselves. Consumers are urged to check their load-shedding schedules on the municipal or Eskom websites. The schedule can be found at or by calling Eskom's customer contact ...

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Brace yourself for stage 3: Load-shedding continues on Tuesday

According to Eskom's schedule interpretation website, stage 3 increases the frequency of stage 2 by 50%. This means affected areas will be scheduled for load-shedding nine times over four days for two hours at a time, or nine times over an eight-day ...

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Eskom's load shedding website goes down amid blackouts

JOHANNESBURG - With load shedding being escalated to stage 4, the load shedding website has also crashed. Eskom says stage 4 outages are likely to last until about 10pm. LISTEN: #Loadshedding woes: Eskom explains what's behind the power ...

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What stage 4 load shedding means for you

Stage four will double the frequency of stage two, which means you will be scheduled for load shedding 12 times over a four-day period for two hours at a time, or 12 times over an eight-day period for four hours at a time. Stage four load shedding is ...

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Here's how you can check Eskom's daily load shedding schedule

Checking your daily load shedding schedule can help you prepare for the rotational cuts recently reimplemented by Eskom. Load shedding has made an ominous return. South Africans were spared the brunt of Eskom's glaringly obvious ineptitudes over the ...

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Eskom announces stage 2 load shedding to resume from 9am

Eskom announced on Monday morning that stage 2 rotational load shedding would continue today from 9am until 10pm, after the dreaded shed returned with a vengeance again yesterday afternoon.

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Eskom announces load shedding for first time since December

Eskom announced through a statement on Sunday that it would be implementing load shedding that afternoon for the first time since early December. The statement said this was as a result of a shortage of capacity and a need to replenish and preserve ...

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Your load shedding schedule in Mbombela

MBOMBELA – Lowvelder understands that residents on the Delta line will be affected from 15:00. The power utility has not implemented load shedding since December 9. In a statement on Sunday, Eskom cited a shortage of capacity for the decision. “There ...

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Kempton's load shedding schedule for Sunday

In a statement Eskom issued earlier today, the power utility said it had a shortage of capacity. There is also a need to replenish and preserve emergency water and diesel resources to limit load shedding possibility or the magnitude thereof in the ...

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